Polling Tailspin: After Public Hearings, Support for Impeachment Falls, and Democrats Fret

A few caveats before we get to the unmistakable polling trend against impeachment: First, many of the data points highlighted below were gathered before last week's testimony, so public sentiment could shift back in a pro-impeachment direction once the impact of testimony from the last few witnesses -- Amb. Gordon Sondland in particular -- gets baked into the numbers.  Second, although the public hearings are likely over, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is holding out the possibility for more.  It's conceivable that various revelations could still emerge that might color voters' views of this question, perhaps during a potential Senate trial.  But I suspect that Democrats have likely taken the cleanest, hardest shot they've got.  If anything, the upcoming drip, drip, drip of information could benefit Trump, including the Horowitz report and any Burisma/Biden-related theater Senate Republicans may choreograph.  

In other words, the waters could very realistically get further muddied in such a way that turns more voters against the proposition of impeaching and removing an American President from office for the first time in our nation's history.  We've known that battleground state voters have been highly skeptical of this prospect from the get-go, a reality that was further confirmed by a Wisconsin poll released late last week.  But it very much looks like after an initial spike in support for this process as the Ukraine matter took shape, as that process has unfolded, impeachment fever has receded: