Otto Warmbier’s parents file claim for seized North Korean cargo ship as part of $500M judgment against regime

  • Fox News | by: Lukas Mikelionis |
  • 07/06/2019 12:00 AM
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Otto Warmbier’s parents have filed a claim for a seized North Korean cargo ship to satisfy part of their $500 million judgment against the North Korean regime over the death of their son.

Warmbier was an American student on tour who was detained by the North Korean government and later sentenced to 15 years in prison with hard labor in March 2016 for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster from a hotel.

The Ohio native, then 21, fell into a coma for unknown reasons while in custody and was held in that condition for another 17 months. North Korean officials did not tell American officials until June 2017 that he had been unconscious the entire time. He died less than a week after he returned to the U.S. the same month.

The parents are now seeking the seized North Korean cargo ship as part of the $500 million judgment awarded by U.S. court after suing the regime over their son’s death.

According to the filing, first reported by CNN, the family is forced to chase down the assets of the regime to recover anything for the crimes.
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