Cut Foreign Aid, Save Lives

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Update 9/12/12: Violent al Qaeda-related uprisings occurred last night in Egypt and Libya, the latter taking the lives of three Americans. (Read the story here.) Both of these nations receive United States Foreign Aid -- a.k.a tax dollars -- although they have shown themselves to be hostile to their own people, and now Americans.

Combined, these countries will have received $3,117,850,000.00 American Dollars by the year's end.

It is high time to END U.S. Foreign Aid to Libya, Egypt, and other nations that are hostile to Americans and their own people.


October 2011: Many Americans are suffering in Africa and the Middle East with the help of US tax dollars!

Americans and Christians are persecuted and even killed for their beliefs. Some murdered in the streets, while others are arrested in their own homes --

Christian prayer has become a religious crime in many places.

The violence is especially bad in Egypt. After President Hosni Mubarak was removed from power, the anti-Christian forces became more bold. On October 9, at least 24 Christians were killed and hundreds more injured when the Egyptian army deliberately drove military vehicles through the crowd of demonstrators.

The United States of America PAID for those military vehicles; Egypt receives over $2 billion every year from the United States.

Yet, the Obama administration is ignoring this, preferring instead to “make nice” with fundamentalist groups.

The United States must immediately stop sending money to countries that engage in religious persecution. In fact, the US Congress should never send tax dollars to fund other nations -- especially those nations that destroy their people's God-given rights to life, liberty, and property.

Daniel Pipes, a Middle East scholar, predicts: "At the present rate, the Middle East's 12 million Christians will likely drop to 6 million in the year 2020. With time, Christians will effectively disappear from the region as a cultural and political force.”

Please contact your lawmakers right now and tell them to STOP sending money to countries that murder Christians and Americans!
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